Once upon a time




In the beginning of the 90’s, the Ardennes dance with Engrenage (ska-punk) where Dub and Jérôme are playing. Kev1 and Mister Fab, young fans, follow the band everywhere.


In mid-90’s, Kev1 sing with Happy Hours (punk) to England; Booz and Niko create Bad Taste and play punk rock too.


In the end of the 90’s, Kev1, in the Army, goes to the Kosovo, Mister Fab to Picardie where he organizes shows and writes for the Jump! fanzine. Dub and Jérôme leave Engrenage, Bad Taste becomes Skarat-B and plays both ska and punk-rock.


2002, Kev1 and Mister Fab come back and sing with Spunka (ska-punk) with some members of Engrenage and Happy Hours. They play a lot of shows (sometimes with Skarat-B) and record a full album.


In the beginning of 2004, after a very bad show, Spunka and Skarat-B stop their activities with pain.


Disappointed by these events, Mister Fab decides to create a new project where he will be the leader. Kev1, Brice and Dub (Spunka) follow him with Booz and Niko (Skarat-B). Jérôme join the team to create Quartier Libre in May 2004.


During these 4 years, the band plaid more than 40 shows in France and Europe with such bands as Les Wampas or Deadline.


After the French label Hyena Records have produced the album “L’Espoir fait vivre” in September 2006, the band play gigs regularly till a car accident where the drummer is seriously injured on his left arm. The band decide to wait for Niko to come back on the way in 2009.


This year the band played about 20 shows in France, Germany and Switzerland before the German label Randale Records produce the second album untitled “69, 77, 84, …” and the French mabel Muzyka Records the split vinyl 10” untitled “Yauque qui pèt’el fu!”.


At the beginning of the year 2010, the split EP with Skarface was out and Iky (8°6 Crew) became integrated into the band almost definitively to play keyboard and trumpet. In the same time, Booz decided to stand back and was replaced with Bib on guitar. With this line-up QL played about 15 gigs for festivals more and more important in France and Germany, Poland and Russia with Skarface, The Gonads or Prarabellum.


With Booz back as guitar-hero, the band played about 15 gigs in France and Belgium and made a tour in East-European countries.


The band plaid in 2012 less shows than it plaid the years before but, its third album, a live one untitled "Live, Speed & Kalark" was out on Ronce Records.


In 2013 and in 2014, QL hit the road again, to the South of France in particular, but, the band finished to record its new album too.


2015 was the year of the festivals for the band… in France, in Belgum, in Germany… and the "Un peu justes…" was out as a LP on Ronce Records. A CD digipack version of the album was re-issued at the end of 2016 after the last gigs in France and in Germany with Booz as guitar player before he left to be replaced by Brice, who had already been guitarist of the band in the early years.