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If you want the albums (and other) of Quartier Libre, ask at this email :



The Quartier Libre / Punch Chaos scarves. 12€

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Digipack "un peu juste..."  (CD)

Ql digipak 2016 flyer page 001 ws1036180807



Now available again, the "Bruised Knuckles vs Savage Amusement" compilation has one QL song, and bands such as Perkele, Runnin'Riot, Booze & Glory, Jenny Woo, Bootstroke, ... (CD) 8 €


Bruised knuckles 279



Our fourth full length album "Un peu justes..." (Orange coloured LP + CD) may be purchased for 10€ during each gig of the band. For all of our faraway Mates, you could buy it at





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-"69,77,84..." le deuxième album de Q.L.

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-Vinyle 10' Ardennais " Yauque qui pèt'el fu !" Des inédits de Q.L. , Punch Chaos, Engrenage et Spunka.

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-Compilation "Chut ! on s'entend plus gueuler!"

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-Compilation Américaine "Its Not A Sinking Ship"

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-Live Quartier-Libre, "Live, Speed & Kalark" 3e albums du groupe.

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